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HTC reportedly working on three new tablets

HTC is set to give the tablet game another shot, with the Taiwanese manufacturer reportedly working on three new slates, including the eagerly awaited Google Nexus 9.

According to serial tipster @evleaks, HTC will take another run at eating into Apple’s dominant share of the tablet market with a family of new products. The HTC One M8 maker has not rivalled the likes of the iPad mini or Samsung Galaxy Tab S for a number of years.

With the manufacturer widely expected to be responsible for designing and piecing together the Google branded Nexus 9 – the HTC T1 – latest reports have suggested that the company will also introduce the HTC T7 and HTC T12 tablets in 2014.

Taking to Twitter, @evleaks stated: “Besides the T1 Volantis/Flounder/Nexus 9, HTC is developing two other tablets: the T7 and T12.”

Although no further specs or details have been offered on the mooted HTC tablets, given their production names, we would expect the T7 and T12 devices to be 7-inch and 12-inch offerings respectively.

Again, an exact timescale of when we can expect these new HTC tablets is currently unclear. However, in order to keep track with the competition, we would anticipate HTC throwing its hat into the tablet ring during late Q3.

As well as a new push into the tablet space, recent leaks have hinted that HTC could also be plotting an assault on the smartwatch space.

HTC supercharges Dot View case with all-new wallpapers and powers

HTC’s eye-catching Dot View case has just got a little better, as the accompanying app has been updated to add a boatload of new features.

Now you can choose a custom wallpaper from 18 default themes or use one of your own photos or images. You can also now view the last three calls by swiping upwards, or swipe left or right to view email, text, voicemail and call notifications, all of which wasn’t possible with the previous version, which was mostly there to look nice and let you answer calls / find out the weather.

One of the problems (that security locks stopped this information popping up) has been fixed with the ability to bypass the security when in Dot View mode.

All this gives the Dot View case a much-needed injection of personalisation and the custom wallpaper in particular could make your HTC One M8 stand out, which is surely the whole point when you have such a stylish phone and unusual case.


HTC One M8 User Guide

HTC One M8 User GuideIf you are one of those people that fancy looking into user guides before you buy, or just want to make the most of your new phone, then take a look at the HTC One M8 User Guide by clicking on the image to the left.

If you prefer the Quick start guide then click here to access it.

HTC Volantis tablet could boast 5GB RAM and metal unibody

After sitting on the sidelines for the last few years, HTC could return to the tablet game in a big way. New rumors hitting the Internet suggest that the HTC Volantis could be a performance beast when — and if — it arrives.

According to the oft-accurate Twitter source @evleaks, the HTC tablet will feature a silver aluminum unibody housing high-end hardware. Reportedly, the final version of the Volantis could include a 64-bit Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, 5GB DDR3 RAM, 64GB of internal storage, and either a 5-megapixel or 8-megapixel rear-facing camera.

Differing from last week’s rumor, the latest chatter points to an 8.9-inch display packing a 2,560×1,600 pixel resolution and not the 2,048×1,440 pixels previously suggested. It’s also worth noting that earlier talk pegged the device with 2GB RAM. Mix that in with the completely different render we see today, and it’s clear that the Volantis puzzle is far from complete.

As to when we’ll ultimately get our hands on this tablet, we may have to wait a few months. Given that HTC is rumored to be working with Google on a Nexus tablet, we might look for autumn and the formal arrival of Android L.


HTC’s Android 4.4.4 rollout schedule leaked, One M8 to receive update in July

HTC has already committed to bringing Android L to its devices within 90 days of the code going live, but that doesn’t mean that the Taiwanese manufacturer is not focused on the current version of Android.

A leaked document from XDA contributor llabtoofer revealed that HTC will begin rolling out the Android 4.4.4 update to the One M8 and last year’s One M7 sometime between July and August. The document states that the update would include a new Sense 6 update, also mentioning that the 4.4.3 rollout might not take place due to availability of the Android 4.4.4 build.

Other devices in HTC’s lineup, like the One mini 2, the dual SIM One M8 and the One E8 are scheduled to get the update between August and September. From the document, it looks like HTC isn’t planning on updating older handsets like the One Max, One dual-SIM, One mini, Butterfly S, Desire 816 and Desire 610 to Android 4.4.4. However, the manufacturer is allegedly evaluating the Android L build, with a timeframe set for October to December.

To check out the document, head over to llabtoofer’s site from the source link below. What do you think of HTC’s rollout plans for Android 4.4.4 and the upcoming Android L release?

Source: llabtoofer

HTC vows to bring Android L to One M8, M7 soon

Handset maker HTC said Wednesday that it plans to bring Google’s newest Android operating system to its flagship phones as soon as it’s able, though it couldn’t yet provide a timeline.

The move is part of the company’s campaign to retain customers amid years of flagging sales. Despite selling critically acclaimed products, the Taiwan company has tumbled out of the top rankings of smartphone makers, unable to match the much larger advertising budgets of powerhouses such as Samsung or Apple.

Google used its annual I/O developer conference on Wednesday to unveil its latest version of Android, dubbed “L,” which includes a revamped notification system, an updated user interface, and a new battery-saving mode.

HTC soon after said it plans to update its HTC One M8 and the One M7, last year’s flagship phone, to run on Android L “within 90 days of receiving final software from Google.”

The promise is part of HTC’s “Advantage” program, a guarantee that includes access to the latest version of Android and a replacement phone if the glass is cracked within the first year. The customer-friendly move is one attempt to get around the marketing behemoth of Samsung and Apple.

Still, Google hasn’t yet provided the official software to phone makers and chipset manufacturers to start working on release software, HTC said. The software update timeline won’t start until Google releases that final software, HTC said, adding that device updates will vary depending on region, carrier, and device.


HTC-made Nexus 9 coming with aluminum body, 64-bit Tegra K1 chip and 2048×1440 pixel screen

For a long time now, we’ve expected Google to augment, or replace, its Nexus tablet line with something new. The Nexus 10 has been around for nearly two years, while the mid-2013 Nexus 7 is considered too small for many users. We’ve reported early rumours of an HTC-built Nexus 8, but nothing has, until now, come to fruition.

Android Police has received a credible tip from a source that details Volantis, an HTC-made Nexus tablet rumoured to come to market as the Nexus 9. It sports an 8.9-inch 2048×1440 pixel LCD display, a 64-bit Tegra K1-powered SoC, 2GB of RAM, 16-32GB of internal storage, an 8MP rear OIS camera, 3MP front camera, all in a 7.9mm thin aluminum body.

The render, recreated by AP, shows a tablet with thin vertical bezels and a small centred notification LED below the screen. While the back colour appears to be white, it may reach the market in a similar brushed metal texture to the HTC One M8. The leaked info sheet makes mention of stereo front-facing speakers, but the render does not include them, indicating that it may be old or a placeholder.

AP also notes the price, which is expected to be $399 and $499 for the 16GB and 32GB versions respectively, with an LTE version fetching a $600+ premium. The Nexus 9 is also expected to be significantly heavier, at 418 grams, than the current Nexus 7, but that’s understandable considering the aluminum construction.

The Nexus 9 will likely hit the market sometime in Q4, possibly instead of a new Nexus smartphone, as Google is likely to replace such a product with Android Silver.

What do you think? Will this make up for the lack of a Nexus 10 successor?


HTC One M8 Dot View case now available at half price

HTC One M8 Dot View case now available at half price: £17.49

Have you been mulling over getting one of those Dot View cases for your HTC One M8 smartphone? Then this price cut might push you over the edge of the cliff of temptation, as the accessory has seen its price tag halved.

Carphone Warehouse is now selling the Dot View case at £17.49 (with it being reduced from £34.99), and this offer runs from today until next Friday (27 June), so you have one week to make your move.

The case is being offered in four colours by Carphone Warehouse – blue, grey, orange and purple – and as well as providing protection for your precious flagship handset, it also has a dot pattern perforated on the front cover, which can be lit up to display information without opening the case. You can see notifications with a double-tap on the cover, swipe down for voice commands, and view time and weather details, all without opening the case.


It’s a nifty little invention with a smart retro feel, and the Dot View case is also very light so it doesn’t weigh down your svelte new smartphone too much.

We really liked this accessory, and in our review concluded that it “combines protection and functional 8-bit charm into one of the cleverest cases around”. Our main moan was the price being rather expensive at £35, but Carphone Warehouse has handily sorted that bugbear with this offer.

HTC One mini 2 battery test

The HTC One mini 2 boasts many hardware improvements over its predecessor – it packs a bigger 4.5? screen, the same Snapdragon 400 chipset but with four Cortex-A7 cores, instead of two Krait ones. There’s also a bigger 2,110 mAh battery over the 1,800 mAh unit of the One mini.

The software is new as well compared to when we reviewed the HTC One mini a year ago – the HTC One mini 2 launches with the most recent Android 4.4.2 KitKat with Sense UI 6 right out of the box.

Talk time

The HTC One mini 2 didn’t get a particularly promising start in the call test. It got just two minutes shy of a 10 hour stretch which is rather mediocre in this day and age. The HTC One mini got a 12:04 hours, the Motorola Moto G managed 13:41 hours, the LG G2 mini reached 18:11 hours.

Web browsing

Web browsing is where things deteriorated even more. Here the HTC One mini 2 got 6:33 hours of constant browsing – compared to the LG G2 mini with 11:02h, the Motorola Moto G with 9:04h and the HTC One mini 8:12 h.

Video playback

Video runtime for the HTC One mini 2 stands at a measly 6:05 hours. Sure it will do for a moderately long trip on an airplane or bus but it will leave you with very little juice coming out of it. It appears that video playback is a weak point for minis, though – the HTC One mini didn’t do much better at 7:23h nor did the Moto G with 6:37h.  LG however was an exception with a stellar 10:23 hours of video playback from its LG G2 mini. And while it lacks the higher 720p resolution of the HTC One mini 2, the LG G2 mini has a bigger 4.7? display.


The HTC One mini outdid its successor HTC One mini 2 in each of our three tests but still got a lower 40 hour endurance rating (the time between charges if you perform and hour of calling, browsing and video watching daily) compared to the 50 hour one of the newer mini.  And that difference comes down to stand by times where the HTC One mini 2 did far better.  In comparison the Moto G has 4 hours more at 54 hours while the LG G2 mini stands tallest with an overwhelming 76 hours of endurance.


HTC One Max receives Sense 6 update in Malaysia

HTC is now seeding Android 4.4 KitKat software update with Sense 6 user interface for the One Max. Users in Malaysia are currently enjoying the update, which weighs a nudge over 560MB, but more countries in the region should follow suit soon.

Just like it did for the HTC One (M7) and Butterfly S, the update brings a revamped user interface in addition to the Extreme Power Saving mode, different themes and personalized font styles.

The Camera and Gallery apps also have a new coat of paint on them, as well as BlinkFeed. Many One Max owners would be happy with the new option to schedule when the Do not disturb mode turns on.

Naturally, there are a lot of new things under the hood, too. They should make the One Max use its battery in a more frugal manner and be more stable. The update carries a build number 3.14.707.3 and you should apply it over Wi-Fi.

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