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Sense 5 ROM Appears on the HTC Sensation

When the HTC Sensation was released about two and a half years ago, it was certainly quite the high-end device.  It featured a dual-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon S3 processor, a then-impressive 4.3? qHD panel featuring S-LCD technology, and three quarters of a gig of RAM—you know, for when half a gig isn’t enough and a […]

T-Mobile ICS Update for HTC Sensation 4G Coming Soon

T-Mobile Sensation 4G users have has a bit of rough luck with ICS lately, especially as most other Sensation users received the ICS update some time ago. It now looks like the wait is in fact nearly over! T-Mobile announced the 16th June for the release but it now looks like it may be sooner […]

Vodafone Rolls Out ICS update for HTC Sensation

HTC Sensation owners are in for a treat today as Vodafone have announced that the Android 4.0 update is now available. “Great news. The testing of the ICS update for HTC Sensation is complete, and we plan to start rolling out the update tomorrow, 29th March. The update will be rolled out in phases by […]

HTC Publishes Phone List to get ICS Updates

HTC has just published a blog post that, aside from making a cheesy reference to ice cream sandwiches, confirms a list of devices that are guaranteed to eventually be pushed to Android 4.0. The latest version of Google’s mobile operating system has a bad track record when it comes to legacy device upgrades, but manufacturers […]

Android 4.0 Update for Sensation series begins

The first Android 4.0 update for an HTC phone is finally here! Today, HTC is making good on its promised of releasing the Android 4.0 update for the HTC Sensation and Sensation XE by rolling out the update to handset owners in Germany and a few Nordic countries. As expected , the Android 4.0 update […]

HTC Sense 4.0 Won’t be coming in full to Sensation Series

We’ve just had confirmation from HTC that Sense 4.0 won’t be landing on the HTC Sensation line, or at least not the full version. The Ice Cream Sandwich update for a select few HTC Sensation XEs is rolling out now and having received ours yesterday, we were surprised to see HTC Sense 3.6 on board. […]

HTC Sensation range to get ICS in March

The HTC Sensation and Sensation XE will be the first HTC handsets to receive an update to Android 4.0, better known as Ice Cream Sandwich, followed closely by the Sensation XL. The company said in November that it would begin rolling out the update to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) in the first quarter of 2012 […]

HTC Sensation Anker Extended Battery Review

Type: Li – ion battery; Voltage: 3.7V. Capacity: 1900mAh, more than 500 charge cycles. Compatible with HTC Sensation, Sensation XE… (full list below). Anker cell phone batteries use Grade A cells and other highest quality raw materials. Built-in protection circuit to assure safety under all circumstances. Anker – Extend limits Anker focuses on portable energy […]

White HTC Sensation with ICS expected March 1st

The latest press release from HTC’s Dutch office has outed an updated white version of the HTC Sensation set to go on sale from March 1st with Android 4.0 on board. Expected to be relased in Holland, the mere fact that in under a month there will be a working version of Google’s latest Android […]

HTC Super Tool unlock bootloader, roots most devices

There is no doubt that most users are shied away from messing with the guts of their devices. Not only does this usually void your warranty, but there is also a danger of bricking your device (if things aren’t done correctly). One-click methods are the way to go for all “non-techy” users out there, or […]

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